Buenos Aires, global destination

The city of Buenos Aires was chosen among the top 25 destinations in the world, as ranked by TripAdvisor, beating Barcelona.

Buenos Aires toursThe city of Buenos Aires has been chosen as one of » The 25 most popular destinations in the world » , reaching number 14 , above cities like Barcelona, ​​Bangkok , Lisbon and San Francisco , according to information released by the prestigious site TripAdvisor travelers .
In this sense, and as is clear from an investigation by the Control Authority `s Tourism in January 2014 arrived in Buenos Aires through Ezeiza and Aeroparque 190,116 tourists , 65% of which had the sole purpose of visiting the city. In addition, during the same period stayed 8.7% more visitors than in January 2013 , with an average stay of 2.5 nights .
Buenos Aires , a city of culture , history, architecture.
According to the survey conducted from the Tourism Authority throughout 2013 the tourist bus through the city transported 293,825 passengers, of whom 79.9% were foreigners, 13.5 % of the Argentine interior, and remaining 6.6% of residents CABA .
Vacation or leisure were the main reason for travel among those who came to Buenos (63.8% of Argentine tourists and 81.1 % of foreigners ) . This finding is reinforced by the fact that over 68% of Argentine visitors and 61 % of foreigners , emphasize that culture is the product that hits among its visitors , followed by history and architecture.
Fernando de Andreis , Chairman of the Tourism Authority for the City , said: » That choice makes us proud , because every day we work to Buenos Aires is the city of all.»

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