Paez vilaro his life in Buenos Aires

Paez Vilaro in buenos airesIn the 80s , Carlos Paez Vilaro was attracted by an ancient wooden house located in the region of El Tigre, Argentina , which had been installed at the site in 1889 from Ireland .
Absolutely impressed by this abandoned house and its wonderful jungle setting , did not hesitate to face the challenge and revive to live in it .
Parallel to recycling old house and a few feet away , the artist began construction of » Bengal » atelier – residence of Argentina .
In doing so , he followed the style of Uruguay Casapueblo , ie employing the «archi – texture » concept modeled with bread oven.

Paez Vilaró

Among leafy trees , pine , magnolias and palm trees vigorous the main house is located. In each environment the artist joined arcades , alcoves , African figures , bronze murals , domes and steep extended skyward , covered with colored glass .
This magnificent work of the artist is a stronghold of the architecture in one of the most picturesque and nostalgic Buenos Aires neighborhoods.


Paez vilaro» Located in the district of San Isidro , Buenos Aires , his private chapel park » Cypresses » is a result of everything learned in the art of building and integration experience , as each detail has been carefully studied by the artist. In his stained Carlos Páez Vilaró reflected a garden where birds, insects, fish and corals pass melt under a boiling constellation of shooting stars, comets, planets , suns and moons. The openings are far from the concept of the classic window and the floor was conceived as a «carpet – garden » of polished concrete, where the simplicity of the design comes in bloom and culminates in the sun.

The artist wanted the bark chapel hinted a nest of baker and materials were the most simple , devoid of ostentation and luxury.
Considering a painter of life , he found it difficult to create a temple to death. Ask a chapel was more than just building a house , modeling a sculpture or a painting . The work grew out of the shape of two hands clutching a prayer , open to all religions , races , languages, with its towers framed by the landscape and sky domes stroking .


paez vilaro02

The Museo de Arte Tigre iconic colorful works dismissed creative Milo Lockett, to make way for the talented artist paintings Carlos Páez Vilaró . Thus, today held the opening of the special exhibition of Uruguayan entitled » Thanks Tiger ! » , Which exposes the works carried out over the past three decades , created and inspired by the magnificent nature of Tigre and its Delta .
On this subject , the new artist was present at the opening of its mega exhibition, greeting the public mob , pulling pictures , signing catalogs and said: «This show is a real feeling and is a tribute to all the wonderful people of Tigre . ‘m very excited and happy for the affection and the response of the people , in addition to this beautiful city I have been honored with my name on the promenade welcomes district here today with this incredible opportunity to display my paintings , so that the approaching people can enjoy and that above all, pay tribute to a Tiger take lifetime in my heart. Besides , I also want to dedicate this show of appreciation to Mayor Sergio Massa by sel the helmsman of the battles of Delta and captain of the catamaran of culture. »

Carlos gardel Vilaro«I want this done thanks to Carlos with his» Thank Tigre » becomes called» Thanks Carlos , «for so much magic , to convey such joy and charm of Tiger in each of his works. Vilaró is like an uncle would like to have to feed all of their life stories and also by the experiences you have had to travel the world, rubbing with the most humble and powerful sectors in many regions. One could stay for hours listening and transmitting it in each of its works such magic is life lived . offer from road shows , we hope that the museum is transformed into one of the icons next to Tiger Casino, Coast Park , Puerto de Frutos and Delta . culture is food more important than the soul can receive , for that matter anything we can do to promote it is primodial » Massa finished .

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