Buenos Aires neighborhoods portrayed in tango lyrics.


Buenos Aires is not only the city that gave birth to the rate of 2 x 4. It is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for many letters. A compilation of some of the unforgettable songs and stories portrayed streets. Buenos Aires neighborhoods portrayed in tango lyrics.


With lyrics by Antonio Polito, tango Florida is dedicated to historical porteña artery and portrays the days when the famous downtown street was fashionable and was bound for social life and entertainment step. The song was recorded by the Orchestra of Juan D’Arienzo in 1938.


One of the tangos inspired by the old Buenos Aires is South masterpiece of Homero Manzi and Anibal «Pichuco» Troilo, 1948. His mention of Pompeii, San Juan and Boedo a distant landscape and history painting show City of the early twentieth century. A song to a bohemian city that changed with the passage of time. Troilo version with Rivero, for many, is unsurpassed.

Niebla del Riachuelo

Another traditional tango portrayed south of the city is the classic Juan Carlos Cobian and Enrique Cadícamo «Niebla del Riachuelo», 1937. He served music for the film La Fuga next to Santiago Arrieta, Tita Merello, Francisco Petrone and Nini Gambier . In 2002 the pianist Bebo Valdes virtuso by the flamenco singer Diego El Cigala made a renewed version of this classic.

San José de Flores

Flores neighborhood also has its tango. It is called «San José de Flores» and was composed in 1936 by Armando Acquarone, with lyrics by Enrique Gaudino.


The district of downtown has its namesake tango written by the pianist, composer and director Adolfo Avilés. It was his first tango and recorded the orchestra of Roberto Firpo in 1923.

Cafetín of Buenos Aires

The classic tango of Enrique Santos Discepolo, with music by Mariano Mores, is a song to an institution rooted in Buenos Aires: the cafeteria. The cafes are not originally from the city but as well as carousels are an inevitable part of Buenos Aires landscape, as Bares Notables, preserve the rich heritage of civic culture.


Caminito is one of the most picturesque areas of the city visited by thousands of tourists a year. Quinquela christened the place with the name of the tango «Caminito» of 1926, which Juan de Dios Filiberto had written to portray not this space of the city but a way of La Rioja. Although originally wanted the song does not portray this typical place of Buenos Aires, it highlights it because I put his transcendental name. Caballito also has a song on the 2×4, Adolfo Avilés composed with lyrics by Enrique Ricardo.

Obama danced tango in dinner  honor

Macri offers tonight a gala of its US counterpart attended by national officials, governors, legislators, representatives of the opposition and business references.
The musical show was in charge of the sublime dancer, who encouraged Barack to dance, while her dance partner did the same with Michelle.
The music was nothing more and nothing less than one of the anthems of tango music by Carlos Gardel and Alfredo Le Pera letter.
The soaring, US President not out of tune with the dancer, in a scene that recreated one of the most emotional moments of Perfume Woman, award-winning film of Al Pacino. He danced the tango look how Obama.

The pair of dancers and Jose Godoy Lugones first performed «La Cumparsita», then a piece of electronic group Bajofondo and finally approached the desk of US President to summon the track with his wife.

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