Main tourist circuits in Argentina

Overall Argentina has the following tour circuits (from north to south):

The NOA, which means the Argentine Northwest, offer to the tourists contrasting landscapes like walking the train to the clouds: the arid and cold high landforms embellished with curious saline, alkaline lakes where flamingos abound, geysers and towering volcanoes, transition zone valleys and gorges with mild climates such as for growing vines in Cafayate and good vegetation and, further east the dense rainforest called yunga.
The main tourist cities in the NOA to take vacation packages are Salta and Jujuy, Tucuman also is very nice city and worth to be visited.

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The NEA which means northeastern Argentina is characterized by its warm subtropical climate, its dense forests, its parks, wetlands (marshes), large rivers with abundant fish and large waterfalls.
Of course the main tourist attraction in the northeastern of Argentina is the Iguazu Falls National Park.

The the Sierras de Córdoba and San Luis, with a Mediterranean climate and abundant natural attractions is another tourist circuit in Argentina.

Tours to Argentina

The Cuyo circuit with the highest mountains of America, rugged landscapes (canyons, bridges and castles of natural rock), ice formations as Los Penitentes, caves and caverns, vast volcanic and El Payún, ski or pleasant valleys stand where crops temperate fruits and olives and vines is undoubtedly a terrific tourist attraction.

The Pampas: a vast plain covered by temperate million cattle, dotted with numerous lakes and a long coastline with long sandy beaches and dunes where thriving cities and seaside villas.

Western or Andean Patagonia: with beautiful scenery mountains meet always snowy ice fields, glaciers, forests cold, large, deep glacial lakes and rivers, winter sports centers and beautiful-looking people «alpine» can also be found there.

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Oriental or extraandina Patagonia: it is an extensive region of plateaus, mountains, canyons, deserts and steppes whose coastline has steep cliffs, bays, peninsulas where abundant seabirds, pinnipeds and cetaceans.

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