The best restaurants of Buenos Aires


Eight restaurants of Buenos Aires, are among the 50 best in Latin America, according to the ranking created by the British magazine Restaurant. With that amount, our country is positioned-along Peru and Mexico- including managed to include as many local in the list. The best restaurants located in Bs As, like last year, is Tegui contained in ninth place. Nearby (at 12th place) it is the Baqueano and at 42 appears 1884, Mendoza restaurant by Francis Mallman.


Germán is Martitegui restaurant, the chef who gained popularity as one of the judges of MasterChef. It is located in Palermo, in Costa Rica in 5800. He was elected for its «innovation and sophistication.» The cuisine is characterized by the vanguard, with meat, fish and seafood as protagonists. You can try a tasting menu of 10 steps that changes each week, accompanied by eight glasses of wine selected by the sommelier Martin Bruno.

El Baqueano

Located in Chile 495, San Telmo, it is famous for its exotic meats such as flame and crocodile. The jury highlighted the work of his chef, Fernando Rivarola, who installed this place after working in Spain for seven years. «He uses unusual ingredients of specialized producers to achieve a unique experience,» say the organizers of the prize. Regarding the local, described as «super friendly and relaxed» and stress that «the dining room is flanked by a traditional wooden bar.»

Don Julio

It is a traditional grill, located in a nineteenth century building at the intersection between Guatemala and Gurruchaga (Palermo Viejo). The kitchen is led by chef Pepe Sotelo. The jury noted that all the steaks are Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle fed grass on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, stored 21 days with temperature controlled to achieve optimal maturity. He climbed 24 places in the Latin American ranking.


The restaurant Gonzalo Aramburu has several peculiarities. It is located at Salta 1050, in the neighborhood of Constitution, away from the typical gastronomic circuits. It is also known for offering a menu of 12 steps, which the jury described as «an amalgam of textures, flavors and aromas that shakes palates.» The most outstanding dishes are the pork with mashed pumpkin and tangerine sorbet and filet mignon with Andean tubers and celery.


«Elegant kitchen porteña revered by all culinary tastes,» was the definition of the jury. The distinction is explained in part by their particular environment: Elena is the Four Seasons restaurant, located in Posadas 1086, Recoleta. There, each Sunday, served one of the most popular brunches of Buenos Aires. The kitchen, headed by chef Juan Gaffur, is defined as «Argentina with modern European influences.» One of the popular dishes is the beef sausage matured for 45 days.

La Cabrera

It is a gourmet grill with the chef Gaston Riveira in charge of the kitchen. «An emblematic look inside the culture of eating meat from Argentina», defined the jury. He also highlighted its massive cuts of meat served in huge slabs with dozens of accompaniments. About space, they noted that it has «unique style» for its chandeliers and spoons, forks and decorative plates covering the walls.


It is the only list led by a woman: Soledad Nardelli. The jury stressed his «passion to produce and pure culinary creativity». It is characterized by the use of Argentine regional ingredients, but modernized in its presentation. For example, the classic «vigilante» plus they add cheese and sweet local fruit, chayote and Aguaí. Also they reinvented the scrambled gramajo: use the same ingredients as in the traditional recipe, but in a new way. It is located at Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, Puerto Madero.

Pura Tierra

«Colorful cuisine that celebrates the ingredients and Argentina history,» pointed out the organizers of the prize. Commercial premises on February 3, 1167, Belgrano, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. His chef Martin Molteni, «cuisine with local products, rediscovering ingredients pre-Columbian and prehistoric techniques like cooking in the tandoor» describe. The menu includes carpaccio of Andean tubers, sweetbreads with honey and sugar cane called tartar. There is a choice of eight-course tasting.

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