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For a family reunion: THE PAROLACCIA

Another category was hotly contested and in which most rated restaurants specialize in Italian (Il Doppio Zero and Matterello, among others). The data may be a curiosity, but it is not: pastas, pizzas and other specialties tanas like everyone from the kids to the grandparents. In turn, the climate of these places is usually warm and lively, perfect for family get together. Considering this, most respondents chose La Parolaccia, a modern Italian restaurant opened in 1988 is now a chain with eight locations throughout the city. Unless some specific differences, all maintain the same proposal: a la carte dishes, plus some daily specials that are displayed on a chalkboard that the waiters are paraded around the tables and impeccable care. For large group meetings, can be assembled special menus and when there birthday, give away cake, bottle of sparkling and (under protest to many) the waiters come to the table to sing «tanti auguri a te». Of all the branches, the more complete the del Mare, surrounded by tanks and covered with a sort of gallery, the back of the room, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the docks of Puerto Madero. Prior booking. Always busy. (Alicia Moreau de Justo 1170, Puerto Madero / T. 4783-0200)

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For a business lunch: CHILA

What entrepreneurs and executives seek when they have to organize a dinner or a business lunch? Looking for a serious restaurant, quiet with separate one from the other tables, impeccable care, nice wine list and a cuisine that stands out. Seek ultimately look good. In all these points, Chila is above average. Located in Puerto Madero and with a vip insider view of the river, this restaurant opened in 2006 everything is designed to detail: from the avant-garde dishes (Villeroy & Boch) to a surprising Pepper sheds light on the plate while grinds the beans . In the kitchen sends acclaimed young chef Soledad Nardelli, who is known for his innovative preparations author with French roots. And the bread (the best of Buenos Aires, including Malbec curiosities like bread, mustard and walnut and blue cheese) gives a top-flight prospect. Complete perspective on the letter, with starters like «truffle cream, eggs 61st, diced shallots and cognac sausage«, or major, most notably the «magret moulard, golden apples roasted, stewed granny smith and ginger jelly. «The proposal includes a controlled 1200 bottles of premium wine cellar. Of course all this comes at a price and it is high, but that matters little who need entertaining potential partners, customers or suppliers. Even less if you pay with corporate card. (Alicia Moreau de Justo 1160, Puerto Madero / T. 4343-6067)

Spot livianito rich: KENSHO

Historically healthy, natural and vegetarian food had a reputation for being tasty and slightly boring. But in recent years that has changed thanks to restaurants like Kensho, which was voted the best for eating rich and light. This property, with room for 30 people and avant-garde aesthetics, is led by chef Máximo Cabrera, who is in Argentina undisputed benchmark of crudismo-so people who eat food without cooking- known. Cabrera served a meal in elegant presentations surprises: first so ethereal, so nutritious second. Notable unbaked loaves; raw spinach soup, which comes with raw cantimpalo-a sort of sausage activadas- seeds; mushroom ceviche, version Andean potatoes and gravy ocopa; Also cashew cheeses and salads in general. For dessert, the rich James Brownie with ice cream cassava, which do not use butter or cream or anything like it. If there were doubts about the possibilities of natural gourmet cuisine, a visit to Kensho enough to clear them. (El Salvador 5783, Palermo Hollywood / T.4778-0655)

Eating littlespending: Efimero Festin

One of the most notable trends in recent years in the culinary field is opening small bistros with cuisine at logical prices. Places regents and for their own cooks where you can eat with wave paying half of what you would pay in any coffee, cold and impersonal pizza. Ephemeral Feast opened in December 2009 in the heart of Palermo Soho and, despite having a name that promised fast and frugal way, in just over a year managed to position itself as a must in this category. With a somewhat retro setting and a maximum capacity of 26 seats, manages to eat at their tables is both an intimate, relaxed and aesthetic proposal. Carolina LaVecchia (self-taught chef) is in the kitchen and, along with his partner Marcela Croccia, holding a letter that makes the product and focus on the fusion of a broad taste horizon, always simple, always tasty and always healthy: sandwich chicken with guacamole is a classic, like the braised pork tenderloin with bulgur or pink salmon with citrus perfume. Among the new dishes, hamburger stand organic tofu and quinoa lasagna with oyster mushrooms. It is not a place one would choose imported drinks or dishes trend, but it is a place to have a good time and sample various things, paying very reasonable prices. (Uriarte 1411, Palermo Hollywood / T. 4831-9867)

To eat like an animal: SARKIS

This category rewards the ideal restaurant to eat much. He threw an unexpected winner, but the amount of undisputed votes. Anyone here have said would win a grill or a free fork, but Sarkis took out everyone a length and a half to other restaurants. This homeArabic Armenian food is a favorite of gourmands, even when the environment carelessly cantina and long lines to get a table a little discouraged. It occupies an old corner of Villa Crespo and has two rooms, one downstairs, the most recommended, with wagon wheel lamps and wicker chairs, and another on the first floor, which he would need to make it a requintada attractive but functions as smoking lounge. But voters did not notice that. They pointed to here eat rich, abundant and cheaply, an equation that never disappoints. Who does not know what to ask, because names like hummus, shish-kebab or keppe not say anything, you must apply the second letter, in which each dish comes with explanation. Highly recommended are the falafel, the children involved, the kafta and cous cous with lentils. (Thames 1101, Villa Crespo / T. 4772-4911)

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