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Theater buenos airesNo question, the City of Buenos Aires breathes theater and has nothing to envy to other major cultural capitals of the world, such as New York, Paris or London.
With more than 200 theaters and 230 rooms, including commercial, independent and official circuit, the theater moved to the City has no rest, with an unimaginable array of shows including the most diverse genres.
Local production works are released periodically, recreate foreign shows great recognition and success are generated. With its long curtains up in the city theaters operas Argentine virtuoso musicians from around the world and is also interpreted. Functions can be enjoyed in the official circuit, commercial and independent.
The official circuit consists of spaces impeccable track record and great influence on the local culture, under the Government of the City of Buenos Aires. Classics of world theater, music and ballet affordable in large spaces such as the Teatro General San Martin, Teatro Colón and the Teatro Nacional Cervantes are shown. Each of these complexes has been declared a National Historic Landmark, and they all stand out for its architecture and unique styles exponential. Classics and innovative versions of universal theater and opera are represented. Visit Buenos Aires
The proposals in the commercial field are multiplied steadily, with most concentrated theaters nearby Corrientes Avenue. Among the most important are Membrives Lola, National, Astral, La Plaza Theatre Complex, Metropolitan Opera, among others.
Musicals are performed, stand up, clown, dramas, tango shows, magazine and children.
Finally, the independent circuit is characterized by works of art created with very low budgets for emerging and established artists with very affordable entry costs or will. Usually generate a constant rotation of the public, and are mostly distributed in small rooms of the neighborhoods of San Telmo, Palermo and near the Abasto.
They usually represent works of art, made ​​by young artists in remodeled spaces to theaters, generally smaller, but with a high turnover of people, particularly young.
The rooms are the most recognized Beckett Theatre, The shrine of the Muses, Dead Space, Abasto Social Club, Alley of Wishes, The coal, Celcit, Piccolino, Chacarerean Theatre, Cultural Center of Cooperation, among others.
Faithful portrait of a cosmopolitan city, discover the City of Buenos Aires can become an epic adventure for even the most experienced travelers. It is a huge and colorful city that overflows art in every corner, a simultaneous explosion of avant-garde culture and tradition where it is viewed.
Tourists from around the globe come to experience and to feel the passion of the tango in the place that gave birth, know the streets that gave birth to great artists and writers of the theater, cinema and national literature, intense nightlife, museums and landmarks of the metropolis.

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Known as the «Paris of South America» is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations in the top 10 most photographed cities of a prestigious global service for images that users around the world up to google maps.


Birthplace of great successes recognized worldwide, national cinema as a cultural industry is constantly evolving. The City has a wide range of offers of cinema, from traditional theaters in major shopping malls, and drive-up in large parks, cultural centers and festivals forefront of independent cinema.
Every year, the Ministry of Culture of Buenos Aires organized by the International Independent Film Festival (BAFICI), an indisputable track event in which films are projected under the circuit, usually with low production costs, which otherwise would not reach fans. Also, the kids can enjoy Anime BAFICI, especially made ​​for them with the best exponents of the genre.
The Planetarium Galileo Galilei provides audiovisual shows astronomical outreach and drive-every summer. The Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires (Malba) is known for his cult films, and the Recoleta Cultural Center, for their cycles of ecological and social consciousness.
Also, projections are made to the interesting Museo del Cine Pablo Ducros Hicken, State of the Vatican Square, the innovative Audiovisual District, Centennial Park Amphitheatre majestic hall and INCAA Area.
On the other hand, there are large complexes located in malls or shopping centers, such as Cinemark, Hoyts, Village Cinemas and Multiplex ..

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