Stories of Buenos Aires Buffet

Visit places of classic Buenos Aires to enjoy the culture, architecture, history and forming part of the cultural heritage of the city.

Café Tortoni


Address Mayo Av. 825
Phone 4342 4328
Cafe Tortoni, notable bar located in the neighborhood of Montserrat, is the oldest town (founded in 1858) and is a real attraction for those who visit.
At their tables marble and its walls an important part of the history of Buenos Aires is present, and that its most important clients writers Jorge Luis Borges, Luigi Pirandello, Federico García Lorca and Julio Cortázar, and the musicians were Arthur Rubinstein and the legendary Carlos Gardel.
Its first owner was a French immigrant named Touan, who named it after another famous Café Tortoni in Paris. The imposing facade overlooking the Avenida de Mayo was designed by architect Alejandro Christophersen, held in 1898.
Currently in the basement of jazz events and Tortoni tango show (next to coffee are the National Academy of Tango and Tango World Museum).
Did you know that at Cafe Tortoni Carlos Gardel always had a table reserved for him, out of sight of his fans? According to the poet Enrique Cadícamo, which was found on the right side of the room near the window entering Rivadavia.
Ever heard of meringue, beyond the song Maria Elena Walsh? The Tortoni is one of the few places in Buenos Aires where you can still order this milk ice made ​​the inhabitants of the city for over a century.

London City

Bares de buenos aires

Address Mayo Av. 599
This classic bar City Centre is one of the favorite places for all those seeking a venue near the financial district of the City or as a lunch spot for employees of nearby offices. Is that being located in the strategic corner of Mayo and Peru, the bar has always been a silent witness to the rush of this area, next to the Plaza de Mayo.

Petit Colon

Petit colon

Address Libertad 505
Phone 4382 7306

Front of Plaza Lavalle, in the heart of Courts, works since 1978 and this coffee bar, to its illustrious neighbor brother, the Teatro Colón. The interior is lined with wood paneling and wallpaper dark red with gold embossing, with a long wooden bar and granite. The tables are dark wood and Thonet chairs. Complete the picture Viennese foot pegs.

Las Violetas

Bares de buenos aires

addres AV RIVADAVIA 3899
Phone 4958 7387
This confectionery, opened in 1884, was built by the original owners spare no effort or expense: fine wood paneling, magnificent stained glass, Italian marble for countertops, furniture brought from Paris. The poet Alfonsina Storni Argentina was a regular customer of violets, and who lived in the neighborhood of Almagro. Despite its closure in 1998, the Legislature of the City declared historical protection area, which was reopened in 2001 without losing any of its charm and elegance.

Claridge Hotel

Bares de buenos aires

Tucuman 535 Address
Phone 4314 7700
In 1946, the Claridge Hotel, one of the more traditional five star City opened. Your bar is upholstered paneling, has leather seats and chairs, a green carpet with red diamonds and a wooden bar reminiscent of the English clubs. It is recognized in the City by the hierarchy of his barmen.

Cafe Nostalgia

Bares de buenos aires

3599 SOLER Address
Phone 4963 0903
In the area of ​​Palermo Viejo formed by the five corners of Av.Coronel Diaz Soler, Honduras and Mario Bravo this is coffee, which is distinguished by its front woodwork. Inside, the chairs and tables and Thonet type wooden bar add warmth. Side column covered with mirrors, a barrel full of peanuts invites serve yourself

Bar Oviedo

Bar oviedo

In Slaughterhouses neighborhood that has long been the meeting point between the countryside and the city (because that was where the cattle for slaughter), operating since 1900 this bar, whose interior is covered in wood. A billiard tables accompanying wood or metal that are deployed around the room, often occupied by men wearing corraleras, espadrilles and beret, a sign that the country style is kept alive. In its vicinity, Sunday Fair Slaughter, craft shows and folk art shows are performed.

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